Equal parts vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, Sylvia Grape began making waves early on as a young folksinger in her Lake County hometown. Drawing upon influences such as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, India Arie, and Third Eye Blind, Sylvia transferred her experience playing jazz saxophone and applied it to acoustic guitar and vocals. Her original songs were eventually released on a demo album, I Am but a Stranger Here in 2018. Her early songs focused on mental health and her journey towards healing from trauma. While pursuing a BA in Psychology at UC Santa Cruz, Sylvia earned a department Community Excellence award for her work combining music and horticultural therapy at a community farm. 

The quality of her performances is high on the rating scale and she engages with the guests appropriately before, during and after her sets. Sylvia is a very kind, thoughtful and conscientious person as well as being a talented singer and musician.

-Patrick L., Manager of Stanford Park Hotel

Drawing on her small town roots, she’s performed up and down the West Coast at venues that connect artist and audience directly. She calls her music “grassroots,” and put it to practice in a 2019 West Coast tour with bluesman Reverend Stephan Sams. Her favorite venues have been the beautiful farm settings on Orcas Island, Washington, to beach weddings in Mendocino, the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz, and even the Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles.

“The afternoon was so enjoyable, her repertoire is tasteful. Sylvia did an amazing job. Our hotel guests called the next day asking if we will have her again.”

-Gloria M., Director at The Clancy Hotel

While her early works were folksy and simple, her repertoire has since grown into a musicality that embraces complexity — rock’s cathartic darkness, pop’s evocative vocals, and the shimmering electric guitar The Edge perfected. She’s teamed up with Grammy-nominated composer Isaac Phillips and renowned musicians Nate Brown on percussion and Ilana Thomas Blumberg on violin.
And still, the folk roots remain. Sylvia lives in La Quinta, CA with her partner, a Jack Russell Terrier, and a cat with two odd-ball eyes.




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