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  Sylvia Grape emerged on the folk scene as a young singer-songwriter, finding her voice in the golden hills of Northern California. As a teen, she got her sea legs playing four-hour solo shows at restaurants where she first saw the power of her songs connecting with strangers. Drawing on the early influences of Joni Mitchell, Kate Wolf, and Bob Dylan, she released a series of demos in 2018, “I Am but a Stranger Here.”
Like other people, Sylvia had a traumatic upbringing, and when it finally brought her to getting suspended from high school, she had nowhere else to turn other than learning how to play guitar. Instantly she experienced a connection with her voice she had never experienced before, and the songs started pouring out. The trancelike states that would be induced led to deeply heartfelt emotion and lyrics that, when transformed into song, had intense energy.
Naturally, her songs touch on mental and emotional health, and landscapes of change — understanding, consciousness, healing.

  Her next album is set to release in the beginning of January. With the world grappling with understanding what is authentic, real, and true for the individual and the environment, the album couldn’t be more poignantly timed. “Witness” is set to release on January 1st.


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Preview: Sylvia Grape to Play Two Nights in Santa Cruz

“I don’t have much anxiety about playing shows anymore. But I used to. My main thought going into it was ‘let’s just do this, let’s just power through, finish it.’ Now I think I want something more—healing even.”

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Sylvia Grape – I Am But A Stranger Here

“I have been working in music for over twenty years and I think Grape has an innate talent she is just tapping into. In fact I can almost guarantee this is just the beginning because she started only seven years ago. Overall, I think this is a good quality album from beginning to end and I am excited to hear where she goes from here.”

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Camping on Campus

“Sylvia is originally from Lake County, but has familiar ties to the Santa Cruz area that have inspired lyrics to her songs. As a singer-songwriter, she has found that living in the park has ‘affected my [her] spirit to be more creative and to be less tied down to automatic ways of thinking and automatic ways of being.'”